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The Binningup Desal Action Group will be holding many events as it tries to get Mr Carpenter and the Western Australian Government to change it's mind on putting more "Industry on the Coast".

Please keep on an eye on this page and come along to the events we hold and support our / your cause.

If you agree with our position of "no more industry on the beach" please register your name and email address on our register so that the Government of WA will start to listen to our community and the people that elected it to parliament.


Binningup Desalination Action Group Newsletter-Feb


Newsletter February 2008

We’ve had some great e-mail. I have withheld the names to protect

the innocent but I hope you don’t mind us sharing the information:

"I was regretting that I didn't keep a register of the whale sightings, dates and

times. We have magnificent views of the ocean from the lounge chair and

spotted them on a weekly basis. We had 25 guests for Christmas lunch, and

for an after lunch treat we spotted a whale. I would remember the first whale I

spotted I was so excited I rang all the neighbours. I still get that rush of

excitement when I see them, I cant believe I am so lucky to live where I do. I

will fight to protect the whales, dolphins and what ever other animals live in

the ocean. I want to thank your group for doing a great job and continuing

the cause."

Thanks for the photo of the whales off Binningup this year. We have asked the Water Corp what effect

vibration from the monster seawater pumps will have on the whales and dolphins. They agreed to do

some ocean noise and vibration measurements in Kwinana but haven’t done them yet. It seems that they


We also want to know about the effects of underwater blasting on whales & dolphins. This becomes a

Federal issue and requires Federal approval.


"After reading your email I must ask whether the action group has any information on the effluent being released already

at the Buffalo Beach area, and what effect that effluent mixing with the chemicals to be released from the desal plant

would have. Is there any chance of a toxic by-product being created through the mixing of these chemicals"

We’ll ask. We haven’t been able to find out what is being discharged from Buffalo Rd (if anyone knows

we’d like to find out) but we have found that the Water Corp will be bringing in 20 tonnes/week of

Sulfuric Acid and 6 tonnes/week of Ferric Sulfate to use in their process and the resultant waste products

will be discharged through their waste pipeline into the ocean.


"Having lived in Binninup for seven years I can give some insight into the fauna located in the dune area. Upon reading a

book recently on reptiles and frogs I caught a picture of a striped python that we had seen traveling back through the

dunes one night after fishing a few years back.

It would have been over two meters long as I foolishly tried to drag it back off the track to see its head which I couldn’t.

This book states it was either a black headed python or the endangered sand python/woma. Also there are dugites, lizards,

bats, kangaroos, possums and frogs including the (turtle frog and motorbike) and a whole biodiversity of insects, plants

and trees.

Then there are the birds owls, sea ospreys, blue wrens and heaps more. Diving on the reef for years which is like a

nursery in my opinion for fish and crustaceans, I observed numerous stingrays, Dolphins, crayfish, octopus, garfish,

tailor, wobbegong shark breeding area, flathead, yellow fin whiting, sea cobbler (breed in the weed) spawning mulloway

(which congregate along the northern breach also) and the annual whitebait run as well as numerous other fish that I

could not identify. The whitebait fishing by the commercial sector has hammered the biodiversity here any industrial

impact could destroy this unique system!

Also any groyne or jetty will have a major impact on the unique beach structure as we have seen with others including

Port Beach, Freo (limestone from the wharf expansion) and recently the weed build up at Port Geographe.

Then there are the wetlands and the impact on them. The dunes and sandy areas with reedy type vegetation are recharge

areas for the underground water levels when it rains.

Property value impact now we have an industrial area so close to residential. {Were does it stop nuclear power plant next

when they expand the area zoning}

I feel that there should be a major study into this area that should take years not the five minutes that happened. I could

jump up and down about the environment, the flora and fauna but at the end of the day I feel the correct process has

definitely not happened here. The way to defeat them is to legally question and attack the way the process has happened

and demand a comprehensive study of the environment and tides over a long period of time for feasibility study of impact.

Not just dump some red dye in the ocean and leave it up to the EPA."

We totally agree.

Please keep these coming in - the information is invaluable – we need to share local knowledge

Water Corp Meeting 21 February 2008

We attended both sessions of the meeting and found out some interesting things:

• It is proposed to close the beach for 18 months to 2 years while construction is taking place

however it will be closed from about 400m north of the town.

There will also be a marine exclusion zone going out about 1km to the end of the pipeline.

The proposal on the seawater side seems to favour an open cut through the sand dunes and then a

jetty being built to service the burial of the pipe through the surf zone. They assured us that there

will be no groynes or launching facilities built.

• The Carnegie Corporation is a serious bidder to establish a wave operated power station at

Binningup with a field of submarine buoys offshore and all of the onshore power station

infrastructure to supply power to the desal plant. Yet another Public Utility for Binningup???

• The proposed power lines will be a 4 wire system on 17-20m high steel poles from the source

connection (Kemerton Power Station?) up to the Old Coast Rd and then underground on one side

of Taranto Rd with the water pipeline running on the opposite side. We don’t have the route from

the main power supply.

• We had discussions with the Water Corp about how they will consult with the community about

the environmental reports for the EPA.

We favour a model for workshops where their experts and peer reviewers come down and explain

their reports to the community and answer questions. We need to do this before the 8 week Public

Review period starts so that the community can be informed and comment rather than having to

quickly swallow a monster technical document and then comment. We pointed that their timing

for meetings is missing a lot of the community and suggested that 7.30pm - 9.30pm would work

better – what do you think? Please let us know.

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