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The Binningup Desal Action Group will be holding many events as it tries to get Mr Carpenter and the Western Australian Government to change it's mind on putting more "Industry on the Coast".

Please keep on an eye on this page and come along to the events we hold and support our / your cause.

If you agree with our position of "no more industry on the beach" please register your name and email address on our register so that the Government of WA will start to listen to our community and the people that elected it to parliament.


Newsletter March 2008


Newsletter March 2008

Public Environmental Review

We’ve asked for workshops to be held in Binningup during the

school holidays with their experts to explain what the reports really

mean. We’ve also asked for the evening sessions to start at 7.30 to

allow everybody time to get home settle the kids and then be able to


The community needs to make its feelings public.

There won’t be too many more chances!!

Attached is a list of reports that the Water Corp have said that they

will make available during the week of 25th March.

The reports that won’t be issued yet are:

· Report for SSDP – Summit Tank (Preliminary Site Assessment)

· Level 2 Flora and Fauna Investigation

· Contamination Assessment

· Environmental Noise Baseline Monitoring

· Environmental Noise Assessment

· Material Safety Data Sheet – Filter Backwash Cake

· Preliminary Geotechnical Report

· Oceanography – Seaglider Transects

· Binningup Water Quality Monitoring

· Water Quality Monitoring

· Water Quality Monitoring – Summary

· Horizontal mixing and dispersion at the proposed outfall site for the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant,


· The Provision of Water Quality Monitoring Services For the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant: WET Testing

· Report for SSDP – Summit Tank (Preliminary Site Assessment)

· Current Measurements

· Sediment Oxygen Demand

· Marine benthic (sea bottom) habitat from underwater towed video and map interpolation.

· Measurements of conductivity, temperature, oxygen and depth of the marine environment to determine stratification


· Ambient Real Time Monitoring

· Oceanographic modelling study Modelling the impacts on salinity of the brine discharge

· Social Impact Assessment

Why they won’t issue the Flora and Fauna study, the Noise Impact Assessments and the Social Impact

Assessment before the PER period we don’t know and can’t find out


Any sightings of unusual animals, birds or plants on the land or

in the ocean. Fairy penguins, seals, sea eagles etc. Please try to

document what, where and when they were seen and if you

have photos all the better. Please email us or let one of us know.

Proposed Beach Closure Bungle

Northern Binningup Beach use will be restricted from February, 2009. The proposed construction zone to

the north end of Binningup beach not only impacts upon northern beach walkers and 4WD travel to

Myalup, the closure also includes the Taranto Rd track. The subsequent 18 month(or 2 years) section of

closure, will see an increase in usage of the southern 4WD access.

This photo depicts the proposed boundary closure to the northern section of Binningup beach. This is the

proposed construction fencing line - looking south toward the West Coast Drive 4WD access point.

The beach closure point is 200 metres north and south of the Ocean inlet/outlet pipeline (is 600metres

from Allan Rd walkway). Marine closure is 500 metres north and south of the Ocean inlet/outlet

pipeline.(400 metres from Allan Rd walkway)

As seen from the photo, this beach section is very narrow with exposed limestone extending into the

water. The areas is not safe for swimming, fishing or exercise nor 4WD vehicles attempting to reverse

and turn around.

There has been no consultation prior to this announcement. Did you get a call from the Water Corp's

market research team assessing the Social & Environmental impact of this proposal? Did you get a

chance to voice your opinion?

The full impact of this proposal has not been assessed thoroughly. We are advised by the Water

Corporation it is a safety zone to protect the Water Corporation's construction workers. The safety of

Binningup 4WD and beach users has not been addressed. A full risk assessment is needed to address

safety issues and subsequent impact (flow on affect) for the southern 4WD access and beach usage.


Terrestrial Reports

Report Date Author What does it cover? Released week



Report for SSDP –

Trunk Main

(Preliminary Route


Jul 07 GHD Issues considered when assessing potential water transfer pipeline routes from the plant

site to the storage tanks.


Due Diligence Flora

and Fauna


Oct 06 360


Preliminary flora and fauna survey for plant site (Lots 32 and 33) and a potential water

transfer pipeline route (not final route).


Acid Sulfate Soil and


Management Strategy

Jul 07 Parsons



Water Corporation guideline for the management of dewatering and acid sulphate soils. *

Site Alternatives and


Jul 07 Water


Site selection criteria for the plant site. *

Overview of Geological

and Geotechnical


Feb 08 Golder Associates Summary report of geological and geotechnical investigations for the plant site. *

Visual Impact


Mar 08 Water


Computer generated model of maximum likely building heights for plant components and

water storage tanks.


Marine Reports

Report Date Author Summary Released week



Estimated Offshore

Binningup Wind Data


Nov 07 Bureau of


Estimated wind dataset report. *

Marine Investigations Nov 07 Fugro Survey Bathymetry, seabed features and shallow geology offshore from plant site. *

Seismic Refraction


Jan 08 Fugro Survey Geotechnical study results for offshore of plant site. *

Material change of use


2006 Extract from Gold




Potential impacts from brine discharge from Gold Coast desalination plant. *

Literature Review –

Fish Larval Studies

Feb 08 Maunsell Impacts on fish larvae of desalination plant intake and discharge. *

Impact of Dredging on

Seagrass Health

Feb 08 Oceanica Impacts of construction on seagrass and sessile invertebrates (eg sponges and corals). *

Historical Water

Quality Review

Jan 08 Oceanica Review of available local and regional water quality data. *

Beach Profile

Monitoring at

Binningup Beach

Feb 08 UWA Baseline condition assessment of beach profile. *

Preliminary advice

and recommendations

for the minimisation

of potential impacts of

the SSDP upon marine

mammals near

Binningup, WA

Feb 08 Western Whale


Potential impacts on marine mammals from construction and operation of the plant. *

Literature Review and

Position Paper for

Reverse Osmosis

Desalination Plant




Water Consultants


Literature review of over 70 international papers and environmental impact assessment

reports on the impacts of brine discharge on the marine environment.


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Industry on the Beach

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